The Precious Gift

Pratele z tajemneho lesa - Precious Gift




The Precious Gift is a long animated film project by the author and director Lenka Ivančíková. Her previous film, First Snow, won 15 prestigious awards at world festivals and drew interest and expectations of European producers regarding the author’s new project. PG was presented at Cartoon Springboard, Cartoon Movie, and Animation Production Day, where it gained both expressions of interest in collaboration and valuable feedback upon which the current development of the project is based.

Among the prominent personalities involved in the project is the acclaimed British screenwriter and lecturer Barbara Slade working here a as a co-author. PG tells a story of a girl who wants to get her father back. It will take us into a mysterious forest and reveal to us the mystery of the birth of love and friendship.


Director Lenka Ivančíková
Author Lenka Ivančíková
Original Script (Adapted by) – Graphic Author Andy Kehoen, BBarbora Valecká
Scriptwriter Anna Vášová, Katarína Moláková

Producer Animation people – Michal Podhradsky (CZ)
Coproducer JPL Films – Jean-Francois Bigot (FR)