Animation people studio has been working for 21 years with minimal change. We have created more than 200 films , spots, clips, and documentaries. Our flexible structure and extensive technical facilities enable us to devise and process various animation technologies.

Our studio is a complex functional unit that, thanks to its space and technical equipment, enables the shooting and realization of animations in many different technologies. The basis of the studio is made up of studio space 11 x 8 metres, workshop facilities for making props and sets, a wide range of lighting and shooting equipment, and a post-production unit.

The world of animation is based on artistic expression. Every design solution needs to be unique. That is why each work is a result of a certain development. Nevertheless, it is good to know the main direction of the style right from the beginning.

Therefore we try to offer a portfolio of art designers who work with us, or we know of, that would be capable of helping you.


Professionally equipped studio in the centre of Prague



We cooperate with professional puppeteers



We can make any kind of props for film or commercials




He began his career in animation as a storyboarder and screenwriter. In 1990 he founded the animation studio Animation People and has signed more than 200 episodes of TV series, 10 short films, 2 feature films and more than 80 animated commercials and music videos.

Michal is a founding member of the The Association of Czech Animation Film (ASAF), a board member of the The Audiovisual Producers´ Association (APA) and co-founder of the Visegrad Animation Forum (now CEE Animation Forum).


We have worked with leading studios and talented independent filmmakers to create stunning animated films. Our work is regularly recognized not only at prestigious film festivals, but also by audiences around the world.

We are also very happy to embark on co-production projects. Take a look at what we are working on right now.



We love to collaborate on ambitious and creative projects. Take a look at our portfolio of references.

Animation   Puppeteers    Film Props

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Alfonso is used to increase the efficiency of animation production by combining stop motion animation with 3D CGI technology. It is developed by a consortium of domestic animation companies – Animation people, PFX, Incognito, Magic Animation and FAMU.

Project Alfons