Salvation Has No Name

Spása nemá Jméno - Salvation has no name






A troupe of clowns gather to perform a story about a Priest and a refugee but as their misguided tale unfolds, the boundaries between fiction and reality begin to fray.


A troupe of clowns gather to tell a xenophobic story of a Priest who finds a refugee woman washed up on a beach. After his parish rejects the woman, the Priest secretly takes her back to his chapel where he discovers she is with child.

When the refugee gives birth to her baby, the Priest, fueled by paranoia, tries to hide the woman in the forest but his village finds her and force the Priest to build a huge wall to keep her out. When the villagers spy the Priest with a child they set out to burn down his chapel.

With the infant in danger, the worlds of the story and the storytellers come crashing together as the woman breaks out of the narrative to confront the storytellers.


Director  Joseph Wallace
Producer Loran Dunn Delaval Film (UK)
Co-producers Nicolas Schmerkin, Autour de Minuit (FR), Michal Podhradský, Animation People (CZ)
Executive producers Maisie Williams, Lowri Roberts


Year 2022
Duration 16:50
Techniques Puppet animation,cut out animation
Dialogue English (subtitles available)
Music Kit Wilson
Sound David Kamp
DOP & Production Designer Joseph Wallace

Supported by Czech Film Fund, CNC, BFI France